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Repair and surface treatment services

Repair and surface treatment services

Repair and surface treatment services is another service that we have the potential and ready to meet the needs of customers in all types of industries. We are happy to give advice and analyze the cause and fix it along with suggesting techniques, guidelines, and repair procedures with a team of engineers and service technicians who have expertise in this field. It is important that we are fully aware of the quality and finish standards of the workpiece in every process so that the surface treated work is durable, long lasting and efficient.

The nature of the service is as follows.

  • Repair and Coating Pump

  • Repair work and surface coating of water tanks, ponds, chemical storage tanks And various treatment ponds

  • Repair and surface coating work for water pipelines, gas pipelines, oil pipelines and other types of piping systems.

  • Repair work and coating the stirring tank surface.

  • Repair work and coating the impeller surface.

  • Valve surface repair and coating work.

  • Silo repair and coating work.

  • Repairing and coating various concrete surfaces.

  • Repair and surface coating work for cargo ships.

  • Repair work and surface coating of all types of industrial machinery equipment.

Benefits of repairing and coating surfaces.

  • Prevent and reduce wear problems and corrosion of the material surface caused by rust and abrasion.

  • Prevents chemicals and other harmful substances that can damage and affect the surface.

  • Prevent leakage of water reservoirs and various chemical storage tanks.

  • Save energy in the use of various water pumps. Because the texture will be smoother.

  • Increase strength and leveling the floor to be resistant to bumps easy to clean and beautiful.

  • Can restore efficiency and extending the life of the machine parts to be able to return to use as close to the original.

  • Reduce costs and expenses in the maintenance of machinery and equipment.


Surface preparation by sandblasting.

Surface preparation by sandblasting involves cleaning the surface by firing the material onto the workpiece surface. By relying on high pressure air to provide continuous surface abrasion and abrasion.  It is a way to condition the surface to have roughness before coating. This will increase the adhesion of the coated material to be firm, durable, not peeled off, and prevent rust for a long time. It is also accessible in every nook and cranny of different materials. Thus making the sandblasting method widely used nowadays.

Examples of surface preparation and coating.

Works of repair and surface coating services.