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Straight Blade Turbine

Straight Blade Turbine

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The Straight Blade Turbine Impeller is the workhorse of the mixing industry. The simple design of the straight blade turbine impeller provides a radial flow, generates high shear levels, and provides excellent mixing ability while providing easy cleanup. Because of the simple design, it is also very cost effective in large applications and high viscosity applications. While useful in most applications, this design excels in heavy mixing. The Straight Blade Turbine Impeller can be fabricated to fit ANY shaft diameter and comes standard in 316 Stainless Steel, but 304 Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel versions are also available. Various surface finishes are available.

Advantages :

  • Constructions with two to eight blades are used (three and four being most common).

Technical features :
  • Close clearance design for operation near the tank bottom.
  • Excellent for low-liquid-level solids suspension and laminar flow applications.
  • Designed for use in laminar regime (Reynolds number < 50) applications.

Applications :
  • Blending, dispersion and solid suspension.
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