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Hydrofoil Impeller

Hydrofoil Impeller

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Hydrofoil impellers produce a high flow rate ideal for mixing, solids suspension and flocculation in most low viscosity liquids. The narrow blade design is highly efficient and the low shear rate is gentle on liquids. Ranging from 3" diameter to over 70" and available in two, three or four blade configurations, these impellers are suitable for a wide range of mixing applications.

The hydrofoil impeller is able to produce the greatest amount of flow per horsepower in the spectrum of Mixer Direct’s line of mixing blades. With a low shear design, the hydrofoil gives the mix motion while using the least amount of energy possible. The hydrofoil is also economically priced and a great alternative to propellers. This is especially true when dealing with propellers of large diameters.
Advantages :
  • Constructions with two to four blades are used (three blades being most common).
  • A low-cost alternative to propellers in the larger sizes.
Technical features :
  • High-efficiency hydrofoil impellers offer the greatest pumping per horsepower in the Mixer Direct impeller line.
  • They are used in a variety of applications from general blending to storage tanks.
  • The hydrofoil agitators are popular on the flange mount, plate mount and top entry lines.
  • Left handed hydrofoils are the industry standard when it comes to high efficiency impellers. However, the hydrofoil can also be customized in the right handed format.
Applications :
  • Low shear mixing, Solids suspension.
  • The hydrofoil is a highly efficient fit for low viscosity substances.