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Repair, Maintenance, and Overhaul Agitator Services

The design of the agitator set can be used efficiently to achieve the desired stirring purpose as following:
•    Blending of misible liquids.
•    Dispersion of immiscible liquids and gases in liquids.
•    Suspension of solid particles in slurry.
•    Enhancement of heat exchange between the fluid and boundary of a vessel.
•    Enhancement of mass transfer between dispersed phases.
This is challenging and requires experienced engineers who have expertise in design In order to obtain a agitator set that has the correct shape and size of the propeller, rotational speed, and motor horsepower. By stirring, the flow pattern and agitate mode can be accurately and effectively achieve the production goals set.
We have a team of engineers who have expertise in evaluating the site for you without any charge in order to design and improve the efficiency of your stirring set even better. 
As well as the installation availability of a service team who has experience in the installation of agitator sets, especially from small to large sizes with modern equipment. And all employees who have a certificate through training for working in confined spaces (Confined Space Certification) and through safety training. Therefore, we are ready to work to achieve success and create the highest satisfaction for you.
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