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Repair, Maintenance, and Overhaul Gearbox

“8 steps to revive your gear”

It is well known that the price of the new gearbox is expensive. Our gear repair centers are ready to provide maintenance services. And improve the efficiency of the customer's gear to be able to use effectively again. With the operation of 8 steps that customers will receive services from us as follows:
1.    Dismantling work ready to clean dirt, oil stains, grease stains and various contaminants of the gear and gear set.
2.    Backlash inspection of gear sets including checking the condition of the gears, gear housings, sealing parts, all bearings detailed to analyze the cause of the failure of the gear set by expert engineers.
3.    Testing work to find cracks in gear sets and gear housings.
4.    Repair and replacement of gear set parts and equipment as necessary.
5.    The work of testing the operation of the gear set to determine the vibration, heat value and noise that occurs after repair.
6.    Anti-rust paint and heat-resistant paint as well as chemical corrosion.
7.    Delivery and installation of gear sets at the job site according to customer requirements.
8.    Preparation of a report summarizing repair results with a repair warranty card.
Our ultimate goal is delivering the highest value to customers through quality repair work, durability and long service life as well as promoting good friendships with customers both before and after the sale. To make customers satisfied and impressed with the service from us coupled with the use of modern tools and equipment personnel and teams are skilled passed safety training. Therefore, ready to work to achieve success that meets the needs of customers.
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