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Industrial Valves are equipment that play an important role in industrial applications. Used to control the flow of liquids in the production process. It can easily control the opening-closing, direction and flow rate according to user needs. There are both types that can be controlled automatically and those that can be controlled by hand.

Each type of valve will act differently depending on the nature of use, environment and other elements. The material used to close the valve must be resistant to abrasion and corrosion of fluids. Includes valve stem seals to prevent fluid from escaping. Therefore, it is important to understand and select appropriately for maximum efficiency.

There are many types of valves. Can be divided according to the different opening-closing characteristics as follows:
  1. Isolating valves
  2. Check valves
  3. Maximum pressure control valves
  4. Control valves

We are a distributor of all kinds of industrial valves, all types, available in a variety of models and many brands. Products are strong, durable, high quality, meeting international standards. With after-sales service and consulting by a team of engineers with specific expertise to give advice on choosing valves that are suitable for your usage.

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