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Agitators and Mixing Tanks

Thai Business Industrial Company Limited is a specialist in designing and manufacturing integrated agitator and mixing tank. In response to the production of chemicals, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics as well as other types of industries that have needs under the brand name "TIB Mixing"

In the design, we use modern mixing simulation software to achieve the highest efficiency in the customer's production process. We can evaluate and improve the efficiency of the mixing equipment as well as the mixing time using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods.


  1. Blending of misible liquids.
  2. Dispersion of immiscible liquids and gases in liquids.
  3. Suspension of solid particles in slurry.​​​​
  4. Enhancement of heat exchange between the fluid and boundary of a vessel.
  5. Enhancement of mass transfer between dispersed phases.

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