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Lobe Pump

The pump chamber of a rotary lobe pump consists of two rotors and a pump body. When the two rotors rotate in the opposite direction. The cavity volume changes from small to large to deliver fluid to the target. The mechanical energy fed from the main shaft of the pump is converted into the kinetic energy of the fluid transported by the pump. The pump flow rate depends on the volume of the working chamber and how often it changes per unit time and (theoretically) has nothing to do with the discharge pressure. The rotor on which the pump is driven is driven by a shaft. A synchronous rotor and two counter-rotating rotors. (The number of rotor blades is 1-8) where the inlet volume increases ascending during the rotation process to create suction (vacuum) to inject the material. Then two rotors and a pump cavity. A cavity with a fixed volume is created and the volume at the pump outlet will change from large to small which results in the material flowing out. Higher vacuum is created and pressure is transmitted.
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